compact misc

Hi, we design miscellaneous music cover artworks.

Digital release artwork. Distorted purple seashells on top of a grayscale collage by nervousdata.
nervousdata – Shells and Slides
digital release, 2021
Cover sketch. Rearranged light red type letters of french theatre magazine logo La Mousse. Historic picture of some foamy fire fighter action in olive purple colors in the background.
Unknown Artist – Unknown Release (la MOUSSE)
Cover sketch. Purple, red and black graphic with abstract forms and smelting drops.
Unknown Artist – Unknown Release (Upsmelting)
Cover sketch. A purple thistle vector graphic on black background
Unknown Artist – Unknown Release (Thistle)
Digital release artwork. Red kaleidoscope picture of a forest on yellow background
Tim Rowe & Flavigula – Omnivorous Expanse
digital release, 2020